YEBW Ambassadors

Meet our elite Alumni Ambassadors who embody the YEBW spirit and want to spread the good word… The following students have been selected to represent YEBW in their schools and communities.


Tanner Coulter

Canby High School

YEBW has helped me grow as a business person. From networking to how to be successful in everyday life, YEBW helps with it all. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to succeed post high school. Also I would recommend this to anyone who has a passion for business. It was a great experience that will impact me forever.


Peter Carroll

Central Catholic

I came into YEBW with no prior knowledge or interest of business or finance and have came away from both weeks fascinated and confident in both subjects. YEBW is great for passionate students who care about their future. The expertise and knowledge you have access to there is unparalleled and assists students in building their network. The highlight of YEBW for me has been the bonding and cooperation that happens within your team. YEBW is useful in many different ways, and it is a total blast as well.


Bonita O’Neal

David Douglas

I came into YEBW with one goal: I wanted to learn. As soon as I found out what the program held, I knew it wasn’t going to be layed out for me to understand, and I had to try and piece it all together with my peers. Never in my life have I learned so much in such a short time. As the week closed, I learned more about exactly what happens in real-life businesses, how to rise to the challenges given, and how to become a true team with a group I didn’t know. I came out of this program a stronger person and leader, and I’m so thankful for this experience.

Katie Lai.png

Katie Lai

David Douglas

YEBW's passion and dedication towards spreading their message allowed me to find my voice; It's completely true when they say you leave a different person. The abundant connections and skills I have accumulated during this short period of time, still play a prominent role in my day-to-day life. The future feels much brighter, knowing a program like YEBW--with their innovative, engaging structure--is training a new generation of leaders.


Kehinde Timothy

David Douglas

Two Summer’s ago I attended YEBW. At the start of camp I reserved myself because there were few people who looked like me. Due to this, I had a lack of confidence, so I withdrew myself from showing my great attributes and ideas I had for the team. Later on I got more comfortable with my team, and the staff, speakers, and peers at YEBW empowered me to take every opportunity to shine. My opinion, ideas and feedback were accepted and honored. I stood out and helped the team get high scores in our presentations. My inner leader blossomed. My very first experience at YEBW taught me to express my thoughts and ideas because it can benefit others and it is very much relevant.


Taiye Timothy

David Douglas

I've had the opportunity to participate in YEBW for two summers now, and I can honestly say it had been a life changing experience. Meeting young people with similar interests has been so refreshing. Since YEBW, I've been exposed to so many new ideas in entrepreneurship. It has encouraged to stick with Business and be an innovative problem solver.


Emma Trueba


Ever since my dad took me to see what his students in Business Week were up to his first year as a Company Advisor I have been hooked. I have attended Business, Investing, and Marketing Week. Each year I come back to complete a new program I find myself falling deeper in love with business as I learn another aspect of business. My favorite part of this program is the opportunity to meet new people and make connections that will last a lifetime. You will never find another program that so completely intertwines college level business knowledge, professional development, and pure enjoyment.

Andrew Liu.JPG

Andrew Liu

Lake Oswego

I heard about the camp from a friend just a few weeks before, and I tagged along in hopes of making my summer experience a little more memorable. What I got was so much more. YEBW not only improved my speaking, my collaboration skills, my business knowledge, but it also opened me a door into the professional world. Both my years at camp I found myself immersed among peers and mentors from richly diverse backgrounds - creative, hardworking, and inspiring human beings I will not forget. All in all, YEBW was a thrilling ride that challenged me, pushed me to my limits and beyond. I highly recommend it for just about any high school student out there.

Jeffery Sun.JPG

Jeffery Sun

Lake Oswego

YEBW has been a fantastic experience and for all three years that I have done it, YEBW is always one of the highlights of my summer. The unique experience has taught me so many skills that I would have never learned anywhere else. YEBW changed my personal and professional perception of the business world and has made me want to do something with business in my life. The great thing about YEBW is that it is still a lot of fun for people who are not interested in business. YEBW is an unforgettable experience and I would definitely recommend it to all high school students.

Travis Senf.JPG

Travis Senf

Lake Oswego

YEBW is an experience that I have to recommend to anyone who has ever had a fleeting thought about maybe pursuing a business career. My 3 weeks at YEBW have given me more real world skills than my 11 years of public education. This is a truly remarkable experience, and it keeps me wanting to come back year after year. Not only that, but YEBW has also given me networking opportunities that I never would have gotten without going, whether it be professional or social connections. This camp has pushed me out of my comfort zone, but has given me a safe space to do it, where hundreds of other like minded individuals are doing the same thing, and that is something I will never forget.

Benjamin Connor Headshot.jpg

Benjamin Connor


There are, of course, thousands of ways to learn about businesses, from classes offered at school to advice offered by professionals with real world experience. Thankfully, I was able to find a camp that combined a class-like setting, hands-on simulation experience, and business owners lined up to give talks and share their expertise: YEBW.

Dalton Stormo.JPG

Dalton Stormo


YEBW helped my confidence and people skills more than I ever could have imagined.

Matthew Tiemann.jpg

Matthew Tiemann


Young Entrepreneurs Business Week has the perfect blend of work and fun. The program was well run and the faculty and staff are very professional and friendly. The speakers coming in were inspirational and informational. Overall, I have enjoyed YEBW every time I have gone and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fantastic introduction to the world of business.

Alex Karnstein.PNG

Alex Karnstein


When I first came to YEBW, I had no experience with business or finance. I thought that coming to YEBW would teach me a little about business, and prepare me for the workforce. It did so much more than this. During my time at Business week, I learned more in one week than I have ever learned in that amount of time and made many friendships that I maintain today. YEBW sparked an interest for business within me that has only continues to grow as I attend.

Ben Reynolds.jpeg

Ben Reynolds


Not only have I created friends, but some of the mentors I have met at YEBW, I will continue to look up to throughout my whole life. There is so much to learn and it becomes easier when the teachers are your friends. As a person who found business uninteresting, YEBW gave me an opportunity to change my mind. I learned how I could apply business skills to any career I go into and going to YEBW allowed me to learn how the world of business works.

Christian Chang.jpg

Christian Chang


After going through YEBW for the first year, I felt that my knowledge of business was very heavily influenced. Not only did I learn the basics of business, the program really pushed me into going more in depth about how a businesses are run on a day to day basis and some of the big decisions that they make. I also learned about the many different positions in a business and how I can apply my own skills to them such as finance and marketing. On top of all of this, I made so many amazing memories and new friendships with people whom I had never met before. I believe that YEBW would be a great fit for other kids not only for the amazing business educational experience, but also for the personal growth that it gave me.

Jina Lim.jpeg

Jina Lim


I first signed up for YEBW because business is a crucial part of everyday life and because YEBW was a great experience to put in a college application. However, as I met my advisor, intern, and company, I realized that YEBW is not just a college credit, but an experience where I can be myself - I person with a bizarre passion for politics and marketing - and connect with people that understand what I aim to be. To me, YEBW is a place I discovered that my passion for business and politics are accepted and listened to and that if I try, I can gain so much more than a simple college credit. In YEBW, students are given a company and given a starting point, but that expands into something so much more. A company becomes a family and the starting point becomes a product - it's a program that nurtures innovation and helps students grow.

Kyler Wang.JPG

Kyler Wang


When I began YEBW, I thought it’d just be another one of the camps I’d gone to that summer; I’d learn something new, take some notes, and forget all of it a week later. But what I didn’t know was that it would fundamentally change my outlook on life. What made YEBW different were the people; we watched as our mentors put life skills into practice, and our friends turned motivation and inspiration into progress. We all thought: I want to be like that too. I came out of YEBW more aware of my abilities, confident, and with lifelong friends and mentors that continue to inspire me every day.


Nicholas Diana


I got interested in YEBW when my Intro to Business teacher Ronald Waugh brought in Andrew Weiss. I was the first one in my friend group to join and got two others to come with me. At first I was skeptical about how much it would help me understand about the business world. After a summer of sitting around I went and loved every second of it. We got freedom to go where we wanted on campus and enjoy our free time. However it was not all fun in games because we came down to the wire on Thursday and had to work until 2:00 am! Overall YEBW was a fun experience and helped me learn about the basics of business and I look forward to doing 2 more weeks this summer.  

Tanner Gill.JPG

Tanner Gill


I have now attended YEBW’s business and finance week programs and they have honestly changed my life. During business week I learned a lot about everything from product ideation to gaining greater public speaking skills that have served me in not only my academic endeavors but also in a variety of business related extracurricular activities. But YEBW is not just about all the real world skills you learn but also the connections you make to business professionals and peers that have the same interests as you. I feel that through these connections and the passion for business YEBW inspired, I have gained a greater future ahead of me. I am so happy to have had the experience that YEBW provided me with their generous and helpful financial aid program.


Matt Volpe

Oregon Institute of Technology

I happened to hear about the Young Entrepreneurs Business Week just by random chance, and I am incredibly, undeniably grateful that I did. YEBW is unique, like a trade school to teach you how to start your own life. Its guest speakers are second to none, and the team environment with an adult to lead you when you need help was proven to me that week to be the best way to learn. There is no better choice I have made in my life than to attend YEBW. I feel that it has set me up to find the perfect path for my life, in a way that twelve years of school and dozens of summer camps just haven't been able to. As I wrote in a note I still have from the conclusion of YEBW that first year, ‘I really want to come back, and I will do whatever it takes to bring my entire school and county - everyone I know into this great program.’


Lesly Rojas


My experience at YEBW is one I will never forget. I had never been part of anything like it; surrounded by people who love business, who love to learn, but most importantly, who are passionate. Before YEBW I knew my passion was engineering, but I would have not thought of finding something new that I would be excited and thrilled to study in college. Throughout the week of YEBW I received so much knowledge about entrepreneurship that I couldn't believe my passion and enthusiasm for it, because not only is it an astonishing career but it is something that goes along engineering so well. The amount of learning I did at YEBW, and the fact that I learned how to run a business in one week is something amazing, and meaningful to me - because if I am being honest I did not think it was possible. But I now stand corrected because YEBW is the most impactful learning experience I have ever had.

Thalya's headshot.JPG

Thalya Contreras


YEBW has made a great impact on my life and has given me the opportunity to explore more of the business field and challenge myself to go out of my comfort zone and build confidence. At the same time, allows me to build and create strong long-lasting friendships with people I had no idea existed.

marcos turner.jpg

Marcos Turner

Mt. Scott

To be able to return in one summer and attend another YEBW program specifically Entrepreneur Week, now that was a spectacular dream come true. I absorbed so much, where it came to speaking skills, pursuing your business idea and so much more. It has been truly remarkable and it was a blessing to grow a stronger bond with everybody and create more lion type friendships for life. I’m beyond then just grateful, I’m so blessed I got these opportunities. Because of these programs, I’ve grown so much more confidence in myself it’s unspeakable. Thanks to everybody behind this program, I’m going to start my real business and impact several communities around the nation. I plan to make a difference and bring others up with me.

Matt Owen.jpg

Matt Owen


From the start, I believed that YEBW was just going to be something I would regret. Within the first couple of days, I was proven wrong. And by the end I had not only matured as a leader, but as a person overall. I highly encourage those around me and anyone, interested in business or not, to participate in YEBW.

micah rosas.jpg

Micah Rosas


My time at YEBW was incredible. I pushed myself and found out a few things I didn’t know about myself. There I met people who’s ambition could match mines and I made many new friends and mentors. If you let it, YEBW could help shape you into who you’d want to be.

Audrey Leask.jpg

Audrey Leask

RPA (Redmond Proficiency Academy)

Entering YEBW I knew nobody, and had little experience in business. Though only a week YEBW was eye opening; through the hands on experience developing a product and building a business. I came to understand the vast opportunities within this line of work, while forming relationships with my peers. Now I have a new perspective on what success means as having heard many speakers share their stories; where they went wrong and all they would recommend to others.


Josie Kassube

South Eugene

YEBW was a great experience for me where I got to make friends and learn and experience college life. In just the one week at business week everyone in my group had connected so much and in finance week as well. YEBW has taught me many valuable skills relating to running a business or just personal financials and I have learned from this camp that I am interested in business and that is likely what I will go into when I’m older. You also get many opportunities to meet and connect with successful business people when they come and talk. The presentations at the end of the week were very helpful because you got to get feedback from very successful people. I strongly believe that YEBW has helped me in many ways and taught me valuable life lessons along the way.

Jacob Ashby.jpg

Jacob Ashby


My experience at YEBW was nothing short of life changing and was paramount in helping me discover my passion for business. When I first arrived at UP as a rising freshman for YEBW, I was skeptical. But through the people I met that week and the things that I did, from the BizSim to creating our own product and pitching it to "investors", I opened a door in my mind that captivated me and left me wanting to impact the world and run my own company one day. Since then, I have held 3 internships (2 currently) with companies all throughout the Central Oregon area and have been an active part of economic development in the region, contributing to public boards here in Bend. Winning the Denise Sunseri award as well as the Stock Portfolio competition was, in my eyes, a pivotal moment in my life in learning that I could do anything as long as I worked hard, believed in myself and the people around me, and made astute decisions as a leader. All things that YEBW has taught me, time and time again.


Sandon Sylva


When I originally enrolled to YEBW I didn’t know what to expect, at first I thought it would be just another camp but with school like classes. But as I began the week with an open mind I fell in love with the community and all the lessons I’ve learned. YEBW was a one of a kind experience which allowed me to meet new people, gain connections, and learn more than I could have ever hoped for. During this journey I learned how to become a better leader, team player, and functioning member of the business community. YEBW changed who I was academically, and emotionally for the better, with all the friends I’ve gained, all the lessons I’ve learned, I can truly say YEBW was the experience of a lifetime.

emma (1).jpg

Emma Vu


YEBW is an unforgettable experience that everyone should have regardless of wanting to go into the business field or not. Throughout the week I’ve learned so many things; such as how to work effectively in a team, work with numbers to run a business, and I strengthened my time management and public speaking skills. The skills I acquired this week made me feel more ready to be in a work place with the hands-on experience YEBW provided. I am beyond blessed to have gone through yebw and there are not enough words to describe the sense of accomplishment this camp made me feel.


Natalie Scharn


YEBW was such a wonderful experience for me. It was so fun to learn more about business and become truly inspired with ideas for how I want to be a part of the business world. I am so excited to become more involved in this wonderful program and to bring YEBW into my community.

Sarah Gentry.jpg

Sarah Gentry


I was nervous to meet new people since I didn’t know anyone going. The week began with a whirlwind of events and immediately got me excited on what was to come. From listening to guest speakers to learning the ins and outs of business to doing business simulations I loved every minute of it. I was pushed to be a better student and encouraged by my peers to work hard. I have loved attending YEBW every summer the past three years and can’t wait to keep attending in the future. It is always an amazing experience that I couldn’t get anywhere else. I have grown my network to meet business professionals, strengthened my public speaking skills, and have learned the core fundamentals of business. I would 100% recommend YEBW to any high school student and promise it is a life changing experience.


Sondra Morrison


My time at YEBW was like no other. The people I met, the campus, and the overall course are things I will never forget. I finished business week with so many fun memories and I was honestly sad to leave. The environment the YEBW staff and interns create Is so welcoming and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.

hannah palter.png

Hannah Palter


This past year I had the wonderful chance to go to YEBW at UofO. I was in for a challenging and wonderful experience. Through my week I met amazing friends and was apart of some amazing groups. I had the amazing opportunity to work together with fantastic mentors and other young entrepreneurs. This week had nights that we stayed up for hours upon hours to finish team projects, all the way to other nights that we stayed up just to learn more about each other. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wanted to learn more about furthering their future.

Ashley Lin.jpeg

Ashley Lin


Literally a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!!! At YEBW, play hard + work hard is the status quo. Here, you’re immersed in a bold, zero judgement zone where you can develop your passions, and where your ideas truly come to life. Before, I had no idea where to channel this energy, this unexplainable drive to create something to change the world - but here, I’ve found my purpose. Definitely invest in yourself, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime!

IMG_9010 (3).JPG

Austin Ensign


YEBW is one of those things in your life you’ll never be the same after. The program offered a look at a whole career path that was never really advertised to me. It gave the chance to use skills I didn’t even know I had and improve the ones I didn’t get to use often enough. Even if you don’t go into business, the things learned at YEBW help in all aspects of life, and that’s why I encourage everyone to go.

abby moss.jpg

Abby Moss

Valley Catholic

Throughout my week at YEBW, I learned that business is so much more than simply “making money”. In actuality, business is about using your skills and talents to promote change in areas which you are passionate about. I also learned that business skills are useful in any and all careers. Not only did YEBW challenge me with new business concepts, but it also challenged me to become a better, more effective leader.


If you’re interested in learning more about YEBW Ambassadors or want to apply, please contact Andrew Weiss, our Student Engagement Officer, at