Within recent years, thousands of high school students have experienced Young Entrepreneurs Business Week. If you completed one or more programs—Business Week, Investing Week, Finance Week, Marketing Week or Entrepreneur Week—you are part of the YEBW Alumni Network. You are our future entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

“YEBW may be a week during the summer, but the knowledge you acquire and friends you make will last a lifetime.”
— Alexandra Daly, YEBW Alumni


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COMe back

If you’ve only been through Business Week in the last few years, return for Finance Week, Marketing Week or Entrepreneur Week at YEBW 2020.

Earn college credit at Oregon State University, regardless of which program or campus you select.

University of Oregon (UO): July 12-18, 2020
University of Portland (UP):
July 26-Aug. 1, 2020
OSU-Cascades: July 26-Aug. 1, 2020
Oregon State University (OSU): Aug. 9-15, 2020