At Young Entrepreneurs Business Week, we cover more than just business fundamentals... Students learn about leadership, teamwork, networking, public speaking and more. During each program, YEBW incorporates inspirational speakers, interactive learning exercises and other professional growth activities.

University of Portland: July 2019 TBA
University of Oregon: July 2019 TBA
Oregon State University: Aug. 2019 TBA

Core outcomes include business competency, college credit, career direction, connections, communication skills and confidence.


business week

At YEBW’s first-year, flagship program, students learn how to run a company as a team. Together, they compete in business simulations (BizSim) on a common product and develop an original product or service. During the week, they form companies, make decisions and develop business presentations.

Offered at: University of Portland, University of Oregon, and Oregon State University.


Finance Week

Finance Week expands personal and business financial literacy. In teams, students create their own small business finance plans and run through individual money management simulations... Teams examine sales forecasts, budgets, cash-flow statements, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, break-even analysis and more.

Offered at: Oregon State University


investing week

In this program, students break into small groups to compete in a stock portfolio competition and do a deeper exploration of business simulation (BizSim). Throughout the week, they learn about investing fundamentals and analysis. At the end, they present recommendations on whether to buy, sell or hold stocks.

Offered at: University of Portland

Marketing Week

Students explore creative promotional-outreach methods. In teams, students create their own marketing plans—including product promotions, pricing, placement, packaging and positioning. Teams take a deeper dive into SWOT, competitive and market analysis, as well as sales forecasting and budgeting. 

Offered at: University of Oregon


entrepreneur Week

As our capstone program, students develop their own individual business plan presentations. Unlike Business Week, where students build businesses in a group, Entrepreneur Week focuses on independent business creation and development. At the end, students present their business plan pitches.

Offered at: University of Portland and Oregon State University