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Congratulations to the students who achieve great things during and after their program weeks at YEBW... 


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“YEBW was an incredible experience that opened many doors for me. I have met some amazing people and made life-long friends through this program.”

- Kabi Amatya, YEBW Alumni
“Throughout the three programs, I was uniquely engaged and challenged. YEBW gave me an opportunity to learn more about business, but also truly uncovered my passion for entrepreneurship. Beyond business, though, I built invaluable friendships and connections with people I would never have otherwise met.”

- Emily Rodriguez, YEBW Alumni
“YEBW helped me learn so much about the fundamentals of business, investing and entrepreneurship. After the programs, I felt truly transformed, both personally and professionally. I would recommend all high school students, even those not planning to go into business, experience YEBW.”

- Evan Chen, YEBW Alumni
“Before I attended YEBW last summer, I felt as if business was something I had no interest in ... Within the first two days of Business Week my opinion had changed completely. This experience nurtured my leadership skills and my passion for entrepreneurship for social change ... I want to encourage all students to participate in YEBW to discover their own passions.”

- Christina Spires, YEBW Alumni
“Within the two short weeks I spent with YEBW, I learned more about starting a business than during my first year of college. Through YEBW, I was exposed to new ideas and good people that inspired me...”

- Coley Trost, YEBW Alumni
"Through YEBW, I met remarkable people and learned important technical and soft skills that will serve me for years to come. I loved the camp community, the opportunities to bond with my team, and supportive, inclusive learning environment."
- Angela Liu, Columbia University Class of 2021