Startup Advisors

At Entrepreneur Week, help high school students develop business concepts and pitches. Startup Advisors are real entrepreneurs, marketers and venture capitalists who want to help coach and inspire students to bring their business ideas to life...

YEBW's Entrepreneur Week will be available at University of Portland (July 8-14, 2018) and Oregon State University (Aug. 5-11, 2018).




Students spend one week molding a business idea into a potential investment opportunity. At the end of the week, they present business plans in a Shark Tank-like pitch competition for a chance to win prizes. 

Most students in Entrepreneur Week have a baseline understanding of business and completed other YEBW programs: Business Week and Investing Week.



This program is led entirely by qualified volunteers with entrepreneurial experience... Depending on expertise and engagement, serve on any of the following days:

Monday: Ideation
Tuesday: Value Proposition
Wednesday: Brand & Creative
Thursday: Market & Customers
Friday: Pitch



The ideal Startup Advisor has:

  • Started a company
  • Experience running businesses
  • A background in brand development, creative directing, marketing, sales, business development or lead generation
  • Served as an investor or venture capitalist (preferred, not required)
  • Strong public speaking or presentation skills
  • Creative thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Excitement, energy and enthusiasm for business


Your time with YEBW matters... With our 7-day program and 1-day training, being an Advisor is an 8-day event. While a part-time role may be considered, YEBW recommends the week-long commitment to get the most out of the experience.

University of Portland: July 7-14, 2018
Oregon State University: Aug. 4-11, 2018

Stay in campus dorms at the university of your choice; room and board is covered by YEBW. Training (the day before the program) includes an introduction to the role.

Lead Advisor

Entrepreneur Week is run by Lead Advisor Shaun Tinney, founder of Living Driven, co-owner of Sportland Tea Company and previous co-entrepreneur of The Good.


Learn More

In this highly selective role, serve students and help shape the future of business... YEBW's Entrepreneur Week will be available at University of Portland (July 8-14, 2018) and Oregon State University (Aug. 5-11, 2018). Contact YEBW to learn more about the Startup Advisor opportunity.

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