Investing Week

At YEBW's program Investing Week, explore finance and investment fundamentals. Beyond financial literacy, this program also builds teamwork and leadership skills.


Led by CFOs, financial analysts and private investors, Investing Week provides a smaller, more intimate experience for returning students to explore deeper financial concepts and investing fundamentals while competing in an interactive stock portfolio competition.

Students are assigned to groups of three, where they will present recommendations to buy, sell or hold a stock to a panel of judges at the end of the week.



competency in investing

Expand understanding of finance and investment terminology, technical and fundamental analysis, and valuation methods for stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs.

college exposure

Stay and study at University of Portland or Oregon State University all week—experiencing life on campus while earning college credit at OSU (BA151 - Exploring Investing).


careers & Connections

For future investors, accountants and finance professionals, Investing Week is a competitive advantage and resume booster for any business major. Learn from local, leading investors and financial experts.

“YEBW helped me learn so much about the fundamentals of business, investing and entrepreneurship. After the programs, I felt truly transformed, both personally and professionally. I would recommend all high school students, even those not planning to go into business, experience YEBW.”
— Evan Chen, YEBW Alumni

Investing Week

Investing Week won’t be offered at YEBW 2020, but it may be an option again in 2021. Stay tuned! Alternatively, please enroll in Finance Week, Marketing Week or Entrepreneur Week.