Young Entrepreneurs Business Week (YEBW) is a statewide initiative to educate and inspire the next generation of business leaders across Oregon and beyond. We inspire youth to explore business leadership, college, careers, industries and professional growth opportunities—all in one life-changing week. Our belief is that, if we help young people develop the leadership skills and professional experience they need today, they will become better employees and entrepreneurs tomorrow… 

Each summer, students and business community volunteers unite for YEBW at University of Portland, Oregon State University or University of Oregon. Our experiential learning programs—Business Week, Investing Week and Entrepreneur Week—are led by real entrepreneurs, executives, educators and business professionals.

YEBW’s Community Impact Report highlights annual achievements and stats at YEBW 2017.


students served

Each year, Young Entrepreneurs Business Week aims to educate and inspire more students...

Roughly 410 students participated at YEBW 2017.

Since 2006, YEBW has served more than 2,000 high school students across Oregon and beyond.

YEBW is on target to reach 1,000 students per summer by 2020.

Student Enrollment Growth - 2006-2017


At YEBW, we help students explore business leadership and discover possible career paths or college majors, while building professional confidence and connections... To measure results, students are asked to complete pre-surveys on the first day of the program and post-surveys on the last day.

93 percent of surveyed YEBW 2017 students feel more confident starting their own businesses.

99 percent of surveyed students feel more prepared for a job interview.

99 percent of surveyed students feel more confident presenting in front of people.

The majority of surveyed students now rank their business competency as a '4 out of 5.' 

66 percent of YEBW 2017 Interns declared business, finance or marketing as their college major.

41 percent of 2017 Interns now attend partner universities: University of Portland, University of Oregon or Oregon State University.


2017 Student Enrollment by Program

new and returning students

In 2017, more than 400 students experienced YEBW through Business Week, Investing Week or Entrepreneur Week.

77 percent of students were new to YEBW participating in the flagship program Business Week, while the rest enrolled in returning programs Investing Week or Entrepreneur Week.

62 percent of surveyed students say 'yes,' they want to come back for YEBW 2018—while 31 percent are 'interested.'

96 percent of surveyed students would recommend YEBW to a friend.


University Partners

As part of the YEBW experience, students stay and study at a college campus for a week. Over the years, hundreds of students have gained college exposure thanks to our host partners: University of Portland, Oregon State University and University of Oregon.

Students qualify for college credit at Oregon State University regardless of which university they attend.

2017 Student Enrollment by Campus

Student Demographics

Serving students from diverse backgrounds is one of YEBW’s primary objectives. We believe that all high school students should have the opportunity to experience YEBW—regardless of geography, demographics or financial circumstances.


Student outreach in Oregon is one of YEBW’s major initiatives. We intend to serve students in all 36 counties.

Between 2012 and 2017, YEBW reached students in 3 countries, 20 states and 30 counties across Oregon.

In 2017, students from 5 new Oregon counties attended YEBW for the first time ever: Hood River, Baker, Wallowa, Crook and Lake Counties.

Roughly 90 percent of students are from Oregon, whereas 10 percent are based out of state.

Between 2012 and 2017, students came from Washington, California, Alaska, Nevada, Texas, Florida and more! New states reached in 2017 include: Connecticut, New Hampshire and Ohio. 


Students by Region %


Students at YEBW come from different schools, educational programs and grade levels. All students have the opportunity to excel at YEBW—regardless of their prior business experience. The curriculum is designed as a compliment for schools that offer business classes or clubs and a supplement for schools that don’t.

Grade Level %


The average GPA of a YEBW student is 3.5.

Business Community Support

For companies that support Oregon youth, education and the economy, the YEBW community is the best investment. Our partners contribute to YEBW from every angle, from students to volunteers to funding.

2017 Stakeholders

In 2017, 127 companies or organizations supported YEBW as partners; 38 of those sponsors contribute financially—in the form of nonprofit funding, student scholarships or product donations. A number of scholarships were also contributed by individual donors.

Key sponsors and funding Partners

Alaska Chamber of Commerce
Black United Fund
Campbell Global
Entrepreneurs Organization Portland
ESCO Corporation
Ford Foundation
Freres Lumber
Frito Lay and PepsiCo
Frontier Management
Geffen Mesher
Greenbrier Companies
Hoffman Construction
Josefine Chamber of Commerce
Martin Hospitality
Nyman Foundation
Oregon Bankers Association (OBA)
Oregon Business & Industry (OBI)
Oregon Community Foundation (OCF)

Pacific Power Foundation
Pacific Seafood
Pacific Seafood Foundation
Pape Group
Pilot Wealth Management
Portland General Electric (PGE)
PGE Foundation
Prolifiq Software
Renaissance Foundation
The Standard Insurance
Tykeson Family Trust
Wells Fargo
Wildhorse Casino



As a volunteer-led organization, YEBW relies on local business professionals and alumni to coach and guide students at each program. Thank you to all the companies and organizations that support YEBW—with entrepreneurs, executives or employees serving as Speakers, Networking Guests, Judges, Advisors or Interns.

In 2017, more than 111 companies or organizations engaged volunteers at YEBW; 20 partner companies had entrepreneurs, executives or professionals serving as volunteers.

2017 Volunteers


With 28 companies represented, 44 Advisors lead teams through the curriculum and competitions at YEBW.

UP Advisors

Anna Bowers, Umpqua Bank
Antonio Carrillo, Umpqua Bank
Denise Sunseri, Private Investor
Garrett Hanson, US Bank
Isaac King, Portland General Electric (PGE)
Joe Bishop, Campbell Global
Mike Cebula, self employed and SCORE
Nick Fisher, Pilot Wealth Management
Omar Trinidad, Oregon State University
Peg Ramier, Ramier Architects
Rebecca Semper, Umpqua Bank
Rob Roels, Umpqua Bank
Sandy Cloud, Redmond Proficiency Academy
Tara McShane, Country Financial

UO Advisors

Bonnie Crawford, Jive Software
David Eastman, Gamma Therapeutics
Douglas Brooks, Portland General Electric (PGE)
Emily Witt, Campbell Global
Evan Amano, Campbell Global
Jeff Gaus, Prolifiq Software
Jessica Sernach, Portland General Electric
Peter Clarke, Retired
Roseann Parry, H&R Block
Scott Smith, D. Scott Smith Consulting
Shaun Tinney, Living Driven and Sportland Tea Company
Shiraz Bengali, Portland General Electric
Simon Moreira, Campbell Global
Stephen Hodges, Oregon State University

OSU Advisors

Andrew White, PwC
Angie Gordon, Pop & Paint
Chris Johnston, ESCO Corporation
Denise Sunseri, Private Investor
Jill Hill, M Realty
Justin Hendrickson, The Standard
Kristi Van Vleck, Sutherland & Associates (Ameriprise Financial)
Maya Humphries, M Realty
Meagan English, Meagan English Coaching
Mike Sinclair, Kaufman Hall
Pat Kearney, Opus Agency
Rebecca Semper, Umpqua Bank
Rob Scherzinger, Umpqua Bank
Scott Richmann, Farmers Insurance
Stephen Hodges, Oregon State University
Taylor Gentry, Endeavour Capital


With 43 Interns serving across three campuses, 28 unique Alumni served and supported YEBW programs this summer.

UP Interns

Alex Bridgeman
Christina Spires
Dylan Oster
Hannah Dodson
Kaheawai Kaonohi (KK)
Mark Morud
Mitchell Leon
Rebecca Reynolds
Sam Anderson
Sydney Wagner
Vivek Sharma
Zoe 'Dru' Walchli

UO Interns

Alex Dassise
Ayub Dahir
Charley Ward
Christina Spires
Claire Rosenfeld
Kaheawai Kaonohi (KK)
Leo Kanaskie
Lynette Daigo
Maris Yurdana
Sam Bittner
Sydney Wagner
Vikram Nallakrishnan
Vivek Sharma
Zoe 'Dru' Walchli

OSU Interns

Abbie Young
Ayub Dahir
Carter Kruse
Christina Spires
Craig Kaeding
Emily Rodriguez
Hannah Dodson
Jatzel Cardenas Mendoza
Kaheawai Kaonohi (KK)
Landon Carlson
Maris Yurdana
Mark Morud
Rebecca Reynolds
Ryan Conrad
Sam Bittner
Sydney Wagner
Vivek Sharma

Judges and Networking Guests

More than 100 Judges and Networking Guests from almost 70 companies or nonprofits helped coach students on business presentations or professional development. 

7 Continents Holdings LLC
Adams Rite Aerospace, Inc.
Albany Area Chamber of Commerce
Albany Public Schools Foundation
Aldrich CPAs + Advisors
Anvil Media, Inc.
Axian, Inc.
Business Success Consulting Group
Campbell Global
Central Willamette Community Credit Union
Community in Action-Malheur Co
Concept Systems Inc
Concierge ToGo
Costanoan Biotechnologies
Dragonfly Transitions
Drone Complier
Elliott Heights
Farmers Insurance
Fluffco Investments
Great American Opportunities
Heritage Laboratories
Hoffman Construction
ID Experts
Ignited Ideas
Jive Software
The Leadership Lab
Mammoth HR
Merrill Lynch
Metal Toad
Moss Insurance Agency
M Realty
NuScale Power
OFD Foods
Offshore Milling Services, Inc.
Operations Initiatives
Oregon State University
Owl's Head Business Services
Pacific Seafood
Philips Healthcare Systems
Portland General Electric
Prolifiq Software
Pure Living LLC
Real Benefits Group
SalesFirst Recruiting
Sequoia Equities
Sherwin Williams - Purdy Facility
SMART-Start Making A Reader Today (Non-Profit)
Technology Association of Oregon
Torch 3D Inc
Umpqua Bank
Umpqua Investments
University of Oregon
Virtual Information Executives
Wells Fargo


More than 30 Speakers and Shark Tank Judges from 33 companies challenged and inspired students throughout the week.

UP Speakers

Jon Owens, ESCO Corporation
Steve Brown, Possibility & Purpose
Jill Nelson, Ruby Receptionists
Mahmood Sher-Jan, RADAR
Kim Kanouse, NIKE
Gideon For-Mukwai, Story Warrior
Peter Rachor, University of Portland
Marcus Harvey, Portland Gear
Linda Jeo Zerba, Big Squirrel

UO Speakers

Randy Harrington, Strategic Arts & Sciences
Shannon Oliver and Jessica Zutz Hilbert, Red Duck Foods
Jewel Mlnarik, Workfrom
Katie Poppe, Blue Star Donuts
John Neal Jr., "Your Professor," Warner Pacific College
Dr. Velda Arnaud, Blue Mountain Community College
Caroline Cummings, Oregon RAIN and Varo Ventures
Paige Hendrix Buckner, ClientJoy

OSU Speakers

Rachel Gilbreath, GE Healthcare
Tyrone Poole, NoAppFee
Ken Austin, A-dec
Su Embree, DHM Research
Sharon Soliday, The Hello Foundation
Darren Buckner, Workfrom
Bill Wyatt, Port of Portland
Sandy Neubaum, Oregon State University
Mitzi Montoya, Oregon State University

Entrepreneur Week Guests and Speakers

Caroline Cummings, Oregon RAIN and Varo Ventures
Karen Dana Oster, Law Office of Karen Dana Oster
Katie Brown, Katie Brown Los Angeles
Spencer Holton, Trail Supply Co.
Stephen Landau, The Forest for the Trees Interactive Ltd.

YEBW's Shark Tank Judges

Celeste Edman, Lunar Logic
Joe Maruschak, RAIN Eugene
John Hull, University of Oregon
Kateigh Williams, Heritage Laboratories