YEBW 2016 at University of Oregon

At Young Entrepreneurs Business Week 2016 at University of Oregon, Aug. 7 to 13, more than 140 high school students learned about business and leadership from real entrepreneurs, executives and business professionals. At YEBW, students build and run their own mock companies, while they stay and study on campus.


This is the 3rd year students experienced YEBW at University of Oregon. A total of 141 students enrolled, with 107 in the first-year, flagship program Business Week and 34 in the third-year program Entrepreneur Week. At UO, 29 staff and volunteer instructors led the curriculum and program logistics on site, including 5 staff members, 11 Advisors and 13 Interns.


At UO, students received an extended campus tour, as they split time between Global Scholars Hall, Straub Hall and the Living Learning Center.


Throughout the week, students heard inspiring talks on business, leadership and professional development. Speakers Randy Harrington of Extreme Arts and Sciences, Monica Enand of Zapproved, Christina Castillo Wright of Bespoke Accessories Group (BAG), Don Bishop of University of Notre Dame, Sabrina Parsons of Palo Alto Software, Lou Radja of Lou Radja Enterprises, Ethan Knight of the American Gap Association, Abhijit Banerjee of Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) and Sandy Neubaum from Oregon State University presented for YEBW students at UO.


At Business Week, nine teams or ‘mock companies’ competed in the Business Simulation (BizSim) and Product Business Plan competitions. Company 8 emerged as the top performing team of the week. YEBW also honored Jimmy Stuck, from Woodburn High School, with the Nick Fisher Award, and Maria Parker, from Jesuit High School, with the Maurissa Fisher Award.

At Entrepreneur Week, six students were selected to compete in YEBW’s Shark Tank competition; each presented a short pitch on their business idea. Claire Rosenfeld, from Catlin Gable, won first place and a $500 investment for her company Cookie Cone. Kaheawai Kaonohi, who goes by KK, from Astoria High School, came in second place with a $250 award for his brand Mimic. Rebecca Reynolds, from Lincoln High School, took third place with a $100 award for HigherEd Finance. Runners-up who received a $50 award include: Sydney Wagner, from St. Mary’s Academy, with ChemFree; Alexander Stewart, from Lake Oswego High School, with Nextape; and Marley Lopez, from Catlin Gable, with Marlo Mixie.


Business leaders are at the heart of YEBW’s success. Special thank you to our Entrepreneur Week volunteers:

Speakers: Caroline Cummings, Oregon RAIN; Karen Dana Oster, Law Office of Karen Dana Oster; and Stephen Landau, The Forest For The Trees Interactive

YEBW Shark Tank Judges: John Hull, University of Oregon; Murali Nallakrishnan, Seven Continents; and Shane Johnson, Fertilab Thinkubator

Thank you to the week-long volunteers who led the program at UO:

Program Advisor: Denise Sunseri, Private Investor

Business Week Company 1: David Eastman, Gamma Therapeutics, and Kabitanjali (Kabi) Amatya
Business Week Company 2: Dawn Myers, Rhipped Denim, and Evan Chen
Business Week Company 3: Dillon Myers, Hoffman Construction Company, and Carter Kruse
Business Week Company 4: Fergus Nolan, NIKE, and Christina Spires
Business Week Company 5: Jimi Schafer, US Air Force, and Vivek Sharma
Business Week Company 6: John Chang, Social Venture Partners, and Allegra Messina
Business Week Company 7: Nate Jones, ESCO Corporation, and Ayub Dahir
Business Week Company 8: Rock Sharma, Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), and Austin Poland
Business Week Company 9: Roseann Parry, H&R Block, and Quincy Brown

Entrepreneur Week Lead Advisor: Shaun Tinney, Sportland Tea Company and Give Change
Entrepreneur Week Advisor: Scott Smith, D. Scott Smith Consulting
Entrepreneur Week Interns: Andrew Weiss, Bryce Haskin, Hannah Dodson and Zack Dean

Young Entrepreneurs Business Week commends all the students who participated at University of Oregon in 2016, as well as the parents, business community volunteers and university partners who made it a success. Special thank you to John Hull and other UO staff who made YEBW a rewarding experience for students and volunteers this summer.