Marketing Week Guests

At Marketing Week, help high school students develop Marketing Plan concepts and pitches. YEBW invites real entrepreneurs, executives, marketers, CMOs and subject matter experts to coach and inspire students to explore the wonderful world that is marketing and discover possible careers in the field...

YEBW's Marketing Week will be at:

University of Oregon (UO): July 12-18, 2020
University of Portland (UP):
July 26-Aug. 1, 2020



Marketing Week starts with identifying the end customer and the right value proposition, and then develops a strategy around product definition, pricing, promotion and delivery. Small teams analyze real world examples of companies’ marketing approaches. The end result is an exciting two-part competition that has teams presenting to a panel of business experts and a “lightning round” business strategy competition to find YEBW’s top marketers.

Most students in Marketing Week have a baseline understanding of business, having completed Business Week. For quality and engagement purposes, we limit seats to 30 students per MW program.


The ideal Marketing Week Guest has:

  • Experience working in marketing leadership role or a creative agency setting

  • A background in marketing, advertising, communications or PR, sales or business development

  • Strong public speaking or presentation skills

  • Creative thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Excitement, energy and enthusiasm for business



Your time with YEBW matters... YEBW Marketing Week takes place at University of Oregon (UO), July 12 to 18, and University of Portland, July 26 to Aug. 1. This program is led entirely by qualified volunteers with marketing and sales experience... Depending on expertise, serve on any of the following days:

Monday: Value Proposition and 4 Ps of Marketing (Product & Promotion)
Tuesday: Sales and Marketing 101 and Marketing Segmentation
Wednesday: Networking and Career Development
Thursday: Strategic Marketing and Positioning; or Presentations and Pitching

The schedule for guests during each meeting:

  • Welcome to our session!

  • Present for 15 minutes and allow 10 minutes for QA

  • Stay for the rest of the session and help consult-coach teams on their projects and presentations

Friday: Register here to judge Marketing Week at UO on July 17 or UP on July 31.

Lead Advisor

Marketing Week is run by Lead Advisor David Trueba.

David Trueba, General Manager at Evoqua Water Technologies, has extensive experience in marketing, sales, operations and strategy. With years of service as a YEBW Advisor and Judge, he is excited to share his knowledge and passion with students participating in Marketing Week.

APPLY for the guest opportunity

In this role, serve students and inspire our future marketers and CMOs... This program takes place at University of Oregon, July 12 to 18, and University of Portland, July 26 to Aug. 1, 2020. By completing this form, you are applying for the Marketing Week Guest role on the day you specify below; your visit includes you providing a 15-minute presentation and 10-minute QA session. Upon acceptance into Marketing Week, you will receive calendar confirmation from YEBW staff and Lead Advisors.

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To learn more about this opportunity before applying, please contact YEBW.