Community Impact

Young Entrepreneurs Business Week offers opportunities to partner, engage and make a profound impact...

- Support economic advancement for underserved or disadvantaged young people.
- Shape the future workforce and cultivate local talent.
- Develop and recruit talent from YEBW Alumni.


Opportunities to support students


employee engagement

Coaching students on how to succeed in business is both challenging and rewarding—don’t miss this one-of-a-kind professional development opportunity! YEBW offers a number of roles for entrepreneurs, executives and employees to engage with students throughout the program...



The YEBW experience should be available to all students—regardless of their financial circumstances. For families that cannot afford to pay, sponsored scholarships make it possible for students to attend Business Week, Finance Week, Marketing Week and Entrepreneur Week. YEBW reserves scholarships for students from low-income households or underserved communities in Oregon. Your contribution makes a huge impact in the lives of students who might not have had past opportunities.



If you have children or other family members who are in high school, don’t let them miss the opportunity at YEBW. Students come away from the week with confidence, academic credit and career direction. As a sponsor, your employees also receive financial incentives on YEBW tuition for their children.



YEBW students are ambitious and eager to earn work experience with corporate partners. If you have internships or job shadow opportunities at your office, you can recruit interns from YEBW’s pool of talented alumni.


financial investment

When you invest in YEBW, you support student and volunteer outreach across Oregon. Your contribution makes it possible to reach the communities and schools that need this program most. Not all students have an equal chance to succeed… For many, YEBW is that opportunity.

For some, it is a lightbulb moment when they realize who they are and what they want to do in life. If you have ever thought, “I wish I had a program like this when I was that age,” there is no better investment.